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Reselling MBM’s products is easy and lucrative!

Dealer Program Highlights

• Wholesale pricing
• Turn key products
• Fast turnaround
• Drop-shipping convenience
• Plain, unbranded packaging
• Displays and sales tools
• Product samples

Program Summary

MBM’s Authorized Dealer Program is designed to meet the needs of anyone interested in reselling auto parts. Successful Dealers generally include local garages, large auto companies, fabricators, online resellers, and auto manufacturers, for example.

Easy Process

Our extraordinarily low pricing on auto parts enables you to earn profits by reselling our products to your own customers. As a Dealer, you’ll get a friendly customer service representative who can help you order and arrange for drop-shipping of your customers’ orders.

Wholesale Pricing

MBM Authorized Dealers have the advantage of wholesale pricing, which is typically 25% or more off of other company’s lowest prices. Authorized Dealers also receive monthly promotional discounts for even greater savings. Since MBM products are already so competitively priced, you'll also want to factor in your time for installation and/or other services you provide to come up with your own Authorized Dealer retail prices. Typically, these prices may be two to three times ours.

Discounted Shipping Fees

Members of the MBM Authorized Dealer Program save costs—not only on products—but on shipping as well. For orders over $5,000, 7-day shipping is free.

Fast Turnaround

Both Priority (7-day) and Rush (3-day) shipping options are available to Dealers, allowing you to receive products quickly. MBM is one of the only manufacturers who are able to consistently process orders the same day they are submitted.

Drop-Ship Capabilities

Don’t want the hassle of repacking and shipping products? Drop-ship instead. Simply type in your customer’s shipping information when placing an order; MBM will deliver the product directly to your customer at no extra charge.

Unbranded Product and Packaging

MBM protects your business by shipping your orders in unbranded packaging. MBM makes no effort to directly solicit business from your customers. However, MBM’s products and services are advertised through a variety of retail channels and we can make no guarantee that your customers will not discover us through these or other means.

Dealer Profits

MBM Authorized Dealers have the freedom to set their own retail pricing for their customers. Your earnings will be based on the prices that you establish for your own customers, which you would generally set at fair market value.


In addition to shipping your orders, we provide you with all the assistance that we would provide a retail customer. This includes providing product instructions, tech support, sell sheets, and other marketing collateral. As a Dealer, you place your orders through our friendly sales staff and then conduct your customer transactions. You are responsible for your own customer account services, including collection of payments. We do not have contact with your customers, nor do we provide self-service ordering directly to your customers through a private label site.

Membership Fees

There are no membership fees or buy-ins to become a MBM Authorized Dealer.


Registering for membership in the MBM Authorized Dealer Program is fast and simple! Just give our friendly sales staff a call to begin your registration.
MBM Private Label Program

Increase your company's name recognition AND profits by offering your own parts line.

MBM Drop-Ship Program

Streamline your business and fulfill customer orders quickly while reducing overhead costs!

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